South View Student-Parent Pledge

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Form Requirement(s)

  • Can upload: Student
  • Can upload: Parent
  • Can upload: Staff

  • Required for Athlete Overall Approval.
  • Athlete is under 13, No Student Athlete Signature Required.
  • Parent Signature Required.
  • Staff Signature Required.
  • Use of the Previous Year Form is allowed as long as it is not expired.

  • Auto Approval: Disabled

Student Athlete Pledge

As a student athlete. I know I am a role model. I understand the spirit of fair play while playing hard. I will refrain from engaging in all types of disrespectful behavior, including inappropriate language, taunting, trash talking and unnecessary physical contact. I know the behavior expectations of South View High School, the Mid-South my Conference, and the NCHSAA and hereby accept the responsibility and privilege of representing my SOUTH VIEW HIGH SCHOOL and the community as a student athlete.

Student Athlete's Parent Pledge

As a parent, I acknowledge that I am a role model. I will remember that school athletics is an extension of the classroom, offering learning experiences for the students. I must show respect for all players, coaches, spectators, and support groups. I will participate in cheers that support, encourage, and uplift the team involved. I understand the spirit of fair play and the good sportsmanship expected by SOUTH VIEW HIGH SCHOOL, the Mid-South Conference and the NCHSAA. I hereby accept my responsibility to be a model of good sportsmanship that comes with being the parent of a student athlete.


Student Athlete

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My signature indicates that to the best of my knowledge, my answers and information provided to the above questions are complete and correct. I understand that the information that I have provided on this form may be used for analytical and research purposes. I consent to the access and use of this data by the Cumberland County Schools, and PlanetHS, LLC.