Cumberland County Athletic Participation Form (HS)

All required questions are notated with an asterisk (*).

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Form Requirement(s)

  • Can upload: Student
  • Can upload: Parent
  • Can upload: Staff

  • Required for Athlete Overall Approval.
  • Athlete is under 13, No Student Athlete Signature Required.
  • Parent Signature Required.
  • Staff Signature Required.
  • Use of the Previous Year Form is allowed as long as it is not expired.

  • Auto Approval: Disabled

In accordance with the rules of the NCHSAA, I hereby give my consent for the participation of my student athlete named below for the following activities circled below:

We (Student/Athlete & Parent/Legal Custodian), certify that the above information is accurate and that the home address on all forms/records is the sole bona fide residence of the student/athlete and that we will notify the school/principal immediately of any changes in residence, since such a move may alter the eligibility of the student/athlete. Falsification of residence information will result in loss of eligibility for 365 days.


  • AGE (cannot become 19 years of age before August 31 of current school year)
  • ATTENDANCE (in attendance at least 85% of the previous semester - absent no more than 54 class periods (block schedule)
  • ACADEMICS (must pass Block Schedule - 3 out of 4, Traditional - 5 out of 7, A/B Schedule - 6 out of 8 during the preceding semester)
  • Must have a weighted 2.0 GPA or a 70 average for the previous semester
  • EIGHT SEMESTER RULE (cannot participate for a period lasting longer than 8 consecutive semesters beginning with first entry in the 9th grade or on High School team)
  • MAXIMUM NUMBER OF SEASONS (Four separate seasons - 1 per year)
  • PASS PHYSICAL EXAM (a physical must be done for each school year)
  • VOLUNTARY TRANSFER students cannot participate in sports for 365 days from the first approved date of the first year of eligibility.


Student Athlete

Print Name:



Parent / Guardian

Print Name:



My signature indicates that to the best of my knowledge, my answers and information provided to the above questions are complete and correct. I understand that the information that I have provided on this form may be used for analytical and research purposes. I consent to the access and use of this data by the Cumberland County Schools, and PlanetHS, LLC.